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In case of any additional questions, please will be free to use our groups at social networks or write us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Its not required to confirm English language skills for courses and programs. For our Degrees its required to provide a certificate of upper-intermediate knowledge from any official certificate centre. You also may be provided with waiver in case of 1 year living / learning / work at english speaking country.

You will get free your digital certificate + our email validation service to all requests at all our types of programs. You also will get free paper certificates + free regular shipping in case of finishing of our programs and degrees. You also may order premium shipping (DHL, no extra charges to DHL prices) for all types of certificates and paper certificate (5$) for courses.

All our courses and programs are self-paced. You may finish them with your own schedule. You will have an access to content 2 years from start to finishing, after it course may be moved to archive. Our degrees provided with standard academic year cycle, Spring and Fall semesters entrance. 1 year for finishing with ability to take 1 semester off and continue later.

You may use free demo entrance option to 1 week content of each our active course.

You may use our own digital platforms or platforms of our partners (f.e. Udemy) for learning and ordering of courses. Our content the same at all platforms. Also even in case of finishing of your program / degree at site of our partner - you may get a paper version of certificate and free request validation service from us.

In case if you need a recommendation letter from us to your employer or to any other adressee we may prepare it free, based on results of your exams and capstones preparation. Digital form of letter will be sended to you for free. Paper version of letter will cost 5$ in case of regular shippment and standard price of DHL delivery in case of premium shippment.



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The Graduate School of Retail Banking is a global business school with HQ at Lisbon, Portugal.

RBS is a member of Portugal Fintech Association and Fintech House of Portugal.

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