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The course focused on giving of business backgroung for business and data analysts. It will be useful especially for analysts who switched from any other industry to banking and need a good foundation for usage of B.I. and data skills. Also it will be interesting for anybody, who want to know best practices of data driven decisions and resolving of practical cases.

The course contains video and textual lectures with theory and practical examples of data driven decisions at different areas of retail business. Author of a program has 15 years of experience at retail banking at top managers roles (incl. Chief Digital Officer and Head of Business), MBA and Mastes of Science at Engineering Management Degrees.

The course contains several modules, including introduction to general purposes of business intelligence from business point of view. We will consider a typical problems at side of product development and business management, key needs of managers for ability to make a realy data-driven decisions.

The course focused on practical examples of usage of data at different areas of retail banking business: product development, sales and service management, operational management, lending and other product lines, finance and PnL analysys.


Our innovative curriculum focus on modern and practical knowledge of retail banking business:

  • Introduction to purposes of B.I. from retail banking point of view
  • B.I. at product development
  • B.I. at sales management
  • B.I. at service management
  • B.I. at operational management
  • B.I. at lending
  • B.I. at banking finance
  • Final exam
  • Capstone project



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