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The course focused on practical differences and limitations of usage of flexible methodologies at retail banking. The course will be interesting to experts at Agile / SCRUM, who want to work at banking area and need to understand some specific problems, and also it will be useful for banking employees, who want to improve an efficiency of work with wide list of flexible technics.

The course contains video and textual lectures with theory and practical examples of usage of Agile at different areas of retail business. Author of a program has 15 years of experience at retail banking at top managers roles (incl. Chief Digital Officer and Head of Business), MBA and Master of Science at Engineering Management Degrees.

The course contains several modules, including introduction to Agile / SCRUM as examples of flexible methodologies, module about good and bad experience of implementation of Agile / SCRUM and linked questions of differences and limitations at retail banking.

The course focused on practical questions of implementation of agile at different areas: product and platform development, management of operational functions, sales and service management.


Our innovative curriculum focus on modern and practical knowledge of retail banking business:

  • Introduction to flexible methodologies (Agile / SCRUM / others)
  • Usage of Agile / SCRUM at retail banking
  • A / S at product development
  • A / S at development of platforms
  • A / S at management of operational functions
  • A / S at sales and service management
  • Final exam
  • Capstone project



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